Nuermont Corp., a German company that provides equipment installation and plant relocation services, has chosen Atlanta over several East Coast locations for its U.S. headquarters.

Atlanta’s central location for potential clients and Hartsfield International Airport were key factors said Helmut Weber, executive vice president of Nuermont. The abundance of companies here with German liaisons also figured into the decision, he said.

Nuermont uses highly skilled German personnel to provide equipment installation and plant relocation services to companies using production equipment in a range of different sectors.

“We can service companies in almost any industry. Whether it is chemical, auto, woodworking, pharmaceutical, paper, machinery tools or printing,” he said, “ we can move or install equipment for them.” 

Mr. Weber also said that “the icing on the cake,” was Atlanta’s Sister City relationship with Nuremberg, the home of his company’s parent, Nuermont GmbH, market leader in German production relocation.

Nuermont Corp. may be reached by telephone at (770) 886-7557, or visit it’s Web site at