A Georgia State University symposium to be held Dec.9-10 in Atlanta will feature representatives of foreign financial institutions who are to provide insights into how U.S. firms may benefit from deregulation of the financial services industry here.

      “The rest of the world is well ahead of the U.S. and this symposium will provide an opportunity to learn from others,” Harold D. Skipper Jr., symposium chair, told GlobalFax in a telephone interview last week.  “In the long term, deregulation will profoundly change the shape of the U.S.’s financial services sector.”

      Among the speakers will be senior representatives from international companies such as the Amsterdam-based ING Group and Vigie, a Paris-based company providing marketing and corporate information on and to insurance companies around the world.

      Michael Thom, the European Commission’s principal administrator for reinsurance and economic aspects of the insurance single market, is scheduled to speak.

      A panel at 3:30 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 9 will provide overviews of the integration of financial services offered by institutions in the Asia-Pacific region, Europe and North America, including Canada.

      Congress passed The Financial Services Modernization Act last month, thereby abolishing provisions of the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 that limited the ability of commercial banks to own brokerage firms and engage in numerous other financial activities.

The symposium will be held at Georgia State’s student center located at the corner of Courtland and Gilmer streets downtown.  The cost to attend is $500. Registration material is available on line at http://www.rmi.gsu.edu/bowles/nextsym.htm or by calling Anne Shaw at (404) 651-0931 or by E-mail at achamberlain@gsu.edu