The Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce is seeking to develop partnerships with economic development agencies in the Asia-Pacific region, Europe and Latin America.

Sandra Walker, director of the chamber’s community development programs, told GlobalFax last week that the chamber’s international committee had begun making inquiries about potential partnerships.

She said that a delegation from the Mid-Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce in Yorkshire, England, would visit Gwinnett in early November to explore the possibilities of developing more formal ties.

The chamber’s international committee also has discussed the possibility of developing ties with economic development agencies in Mexico City, San Juan, Puerto Rico and Sao Paolo, Brazil.

In addition, Ms. Walker said that the chamber is planning a series of conferences to establish more dialogue with the 86 Japanese companies located in Gwinnett.

She added that closer ties between the Japanese companies and the chamber could lead to more opportunities for establishing formal ties with development agencies in Japan.

The chamber also is interested in exploring opportunities for becoming allied with agencies in India and Korea, she said.

For more information, Ms. Walker may be reached by calling the chamber at (770) 513-3000, ext. 118.  Her E-mail address is