Atlanta hosted the annual meeting of the International Association for Management Education (AACB) last week providing a venue for 1,000 deans and other policy-makers in higher education to exchange tips on how and what to teach their students about succeeding in the global economy.

With more than a third of the students attending the School of Management at Boston University coming from abroad, Louis E. Lataif, the school’s dean and co-chair of the meeting, elaborated in a telephone interview with GlobalFax on the advantages of staying in touch with graduates.

“We have a huge Asian alumni group,” he said from the Atlanta Hilton Hotel where the meeting was held, “and they help us with recruiting students to attend the school as well as helping to find them jobs.”

Mr. Lataif said that the school notifies its alumni of upcoming events around the world through E-mail.  It also produces magazines and other published materials to keep its alumni engaged in the school’s activities.

Through extension activities such as its executive MBA program for Daewoo executives in Seoul, Korea, or its regular MBA program for Sanyo employees in Kobe, Japan, the school further develops its global presence, he said.

While he said that the basics of business such as producing the right product with good quality and at the lowest real cost remain the same as ever, he emphasized the increased competitiveness of doing business today. “No matter what a firm’s size,” he said, “it will be affected by globalization because it will have competitors from around the world.”

The AACSB is a St. Louis-based not-for-profit corporation devoted to the promotion and improvement of higher education in business administration and management. Eleven accredited colleges and universities from Georgia belong.

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