The General Assembly awarded the Georgia Department of Industry, Trade and Tourism (GDITT) $2.1 million of “new money” above the amount the agency was scheduled to receive in fiscal year 1995.

Charlie Gatlin, GDITT’s director of marketing and research, said that $1.5 million of these funds will go to the Governor’s Development Council and that they are to be matched by contributions from the private sector for marketing efforts related to the 1996 Olympics.

Mr. Gatlin said that $75,000 will go for the production of multilingual brochures promoting the state for tourism as well as to market the state for trade and investment purposes.

The Council of Economic Development Organizations (CEDO), representing eleven regions in the state, is to receive $300,000 for various development projects.  $125,000 is to be allocated to local efforts in the redevelopment of downtown business areas including the “Main Street” program.