Affiliates of the Atlanta-based CPA and business advisory firm of Williams Benator & Libby in Brazil, England, France and Ireland will be represented at InterTrade ’98 to be held at the Cobb Galleria May 19-20.

      Wesley M. Figueira, managing partner, and Valmir S. Maran, director president of Consult, an accounting, legal and consulting firm in Curitiba will lead a delegation of representatives from 15 Brazilian companies.  Consult also has offices in Rio de Janiero, Cascavel, Porto Alegre and Foz de Iquacu.

      Laurence Newman, a partner with Lubbock Fine, Chartered Accountants, in London, and Didier Langmantil, managing director of Transparence, a consulting firm in Paris, also will be attending the trade conference.

      Liam Twohig, managing partner of O’Hare & Associates, chartered accountants and business advisors based in Dublin, Dervilla Whelan, taxation partner at O’Hare, and David Pierce, head of businesses development for Ulster Bank in Dublin, a subsidiary of London-based NatWest Bank, will be visiting Atlanta for the conference.

       They will be accompanied by Killian O. Higgins, director of a Dublin real estate firm, DTZ Sherry Fitzgerald, and Arthur Cox, the U.S. resident counsel of the Irish law firm, Arthur Cox.

      The Irish delegation will conduct a workshop at InterTrade during which they will be joined by Atlanta-based Emmanuel Dowdall, director for the Industrial Development Agency of Ireland for the Southeastern U.S..

      To set up an appointment or to learn more about their visit, call Jim Libby at (770) 512-0500; fax, (770) 512-0200.  His email address is: 102634.235@Compuserve.Com