Georgia’s 740 internationally-owned companies employ about 75,500 people, more than their counterparts in any of the other six Southeastern states surveyed in KPMG’s 1995 International Southeast Business Profile. 

Georgia reported a total of $8.82 billion invested in property, plant, and equipment by internationally-owned companies, with $877 million invested in 1994 alone.  The Georgia companies, however, predict a slight drop in the rate of increase of capital investment in 1995, down to $867 million. 

Fifty of the study participants from Georgia reported individual revenues of more than $100 million.  More than 40% of the headquarters operations in Georgia are expecting a 10%  or greater jump in sales for 1995. 

Combined sales for the 1,161 headquarters in the Southeast for 1994 was estimated at greater than $100 billion.  Foreign-owned companies in Georgia and North Carolina had the highest aggregate sales in the Southeast, and together accounted for more than 50% of the total reported sales for 1994. 

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