Shop’n Chek’s brand of Mystery Shopping is
taking the mystery out of customer service as delegations of business
executives from around the world are visiting the company’s Perimeter Center
office to learn its methods of evaluating what customers experience “at  the
front lines.”  Meanwhile, the company is looking to expand even further internationally
through licensing agreements.

Shop’n Chek does just what its name implies – it “shops”
a client’s business unannounced, and it “checks”  the service experienced
against the client’s own service standard.  With access to 40,000 trained
“mystery shoppers” throughout North America and the Caribbean, the company has
developed a  client list including more than 450 national companies, primarily
from the retail, manufacturing, hospitality, petroleum, utilities and service

Tony Mosely,  director of the Institute of Services
Management at the University of Manchester’s business school in Manchester,
England, complimented the company’s methods of “catching people doing it right”
following a tour of its offices in October by a delegation of senior executives
from Northwest England.

Carol Cherry, the company’s president, places the accent
on the positive. Instead of punishing employees who are “doing it wrong,” the
company seeks to reward those who meet “quality” standards. “People need
measurement and feedback to excel,” she says.

The Manchester delegation has been followed by several
others in recent weeks from Canada, Brazil and the Philippines.

Shop’n Chek already has licensees in Australia, Brazil,
New Zealand and Spain, and it is seeking licensees in Argentina, Chile, Mexico,
the Philippines and Singapore as well as throughout Europe.

For more information, please call Martha Iriarte,
director of international operations, at (404) 393-1072; fax, (404) 393-4867.