Israeli technology company Allot Communications, which opened its Southeastern headquarters here last year, has seen its Atlanta customer base grow rapidly and now plans to expand its office here, said Jeff Cross, regional sales manager.

The firm offers a bandwidth management tool that allows Internet service providers (ISPs) to guarantee a certain amount of bandwidth to particular users or for certain applications within a system at all times.

“This is an important asset to businesses that may have some Internet users on the Web, some sending large files over e-mail and someone trying to use a critical application,” said Mr. Cross. “The person trying to use that application can be hindered by all the other activity going on. We can allow this user or application to get higher priority.”

Small and medium-sized commercial ISPs and universities have been the firm’s primary customers, he said, but corporations with Internet systems have also caught on to Allot’s product.

Mr. Cross said that when the Hod Hasharon-based firm first opened its Atlanta office, few people here knew this kind of technology existed. As word has spread, demand has greatly increased, he said. The company is currently looking for more employees.

Call Allot at (770) 246-1320.