A group of Jamaican professionals in Atlanta has formed Jamaica Impact Inc., an organization to address Jamaica’s economic development and to increase business opportunities for Jamaicans living here.

            “Small business in Jamaica is very different than small business in the United States, and Jamaican microenterprises often need assistance in breaking into American markets,” said Arlene Martin, Jampact’s president and manager of Latin American and Caribbean promotions for the U.S. Poultry & Egg Export Council.

            As a trade association, the group provides a networking forum for its members and is planning short- and long-term projects aimed at improving Jamaica’s agriculture, education, entertainment, healthcare, information technology, micro-enterprise development, tourism and trade.

“These are tangible projects in targeted sectors that will have a direct impact on economic development,” Ms. Martin told GlobalFax, citing one project currently being planned is the organization of a Saturday school to supplement young Jamaicans’ learning.

            Jampact will discuss issues facing such as the effects of trade on Jamaica’s agriculture sector or how the country can begin to make more value-added products and improve productivity.

A Jampact chapter is also being formed in Jamaica to assist the Atlanta and New York branches in implementing projects on the island.

The Atlanta chapter of Jampact will meet Sunday, June 2, at 5pm. To learn more, write to jampact_atl@yahoo.com or call (404) 219-0129. For information on Jampact’s founding chapter in New York, visit www.jampact.org