Selma, Ala.-based Honda Lock America (HL-A), a subsidiary of the Japanese company Honda Lock Manufacturing, has purchased nearly 40 acres in Haralson County to the west of Atlanta for a plant that will produce die-cast parts.  The project represents the first foreign investment in Haralson.

      Groundbreaking began in June for the plant to be located in the Breman Industrial Park, a 400-acre track controlled by the Breman Industrial Development Authority in cooperation with the city of Breman.

      An initial 20,000 square-foot site will serve to produce the die-cast parts exclusively for an HL-A plant in Selma, with a phase two that will devote 80,000 square feet to a new line of automotive parts as well as plastic molding operations.  Initial production is slated for 1999, with the plant running full operations by the year 2000.

      The $14 million total cost will be offset by the issuance of industrial revenue bonds.  The plant is to begin hiring in September.  Employment projections begin at 60, and as many as 150 are expected to work there upon the factory’s completion.

      HL-A was established in April, 1988.  The company had sales of $46 million last year and produced more than one million locks and key sets for the automobile industry.

      For more information about the employment opportunities, call the Cedartown office of the Georgia Department of Labor at (770) 749-2213.  Further information may be obtained at the Haralson County Chamber of Commerce at (770) 537-5594; fax, (770) 537-5873. 

by Michael Hagearty