Some of the finest Japanese examples of artistically designed, functional products created since the 1990s will be exhibited at the Museum of Design Atlanta’s Jensen Gallery from Sept. 9 – Oct. 23.

In collaboration with other organizations celebrating the 150th anniversary of U.S.-Japan relations, “Japanese Design Today: 100” was organized by the Consulate General of Japan in Atlanta, the Japan Foundation and the Museum of Design Atlanta.

Focusing on products used in everyday life, such as home accessories, furniture and tableware, the exhibit of some 100 mass-produced items is meant to reflect the preferences of Japanese society as well as individual lifestyles.

Among the artists whose works are to be exhibited are Isamu Noguchi, the renowned Japanese-born American abstract expressionist sculptor who died in 1988, and Sori Yanagi, a well-known Japanese-born functional art designer, who emigrated to the U.S. in the 1950s.

Also, 13 objects of modern design from the early post-World War II period will be exhibited to show the origin of today’s designs.

The exhibit is part of JapanFest 2004, a two-month long series of events to promote understanding between Japanese and Americans in the Southeast. It is being organized by Atlanta’s Japanese consulate, the Japan-American Society of Georgia and the Japanese Chamber of Commerce.

During JapanFest Weekend, on Sept. 25-26, from 11 a.m.-5 p.m. at Stone Mountain Park, visitors can learn about the history of the U.S.-Japan relationship, which began with U.S. Commodore Matthew Perry’s visit to Japan in 1853 and was followed by the signing of the Treaty of Amity in 1854.

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