Kennesaw State University’s Coles College of Business is launching in fall 2007 an executive MBA program with Dalian Maritime University in Dalian, China, that focuses on the shipping industry and international business.

Designed for Chinese and other Asian executives, courses are to be taught by Dalian Maritime and Kennesaw State professors.

Dalian, a port city with 6 million people, has ties to the shipping industry, which is a specialty of Dalian Maritime University. KSU professors will “bring business leadership and business acumen” to the program, according to Sheb True, director of the International Center at Coles College.

Dr. True and Coles College Dean Tim Mescon plan to travel to Dalian in June to solidify the partnership.

The program will accept 20-30 mid- to upper-level Chinese executives in the first year, Dr. True told GlobalAtlanta.

Coles College has had a 6-year relationship with Dalian Maritime University, sending five professors to teach there and hosting five from Dalian as visiting scholars at the Coles College to teach, conduct research and participate in economic and managerial projects.

In the fall, another Dalian professor will come to Kennesaw and a KSU professor will go there, Dr. True said.

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