The African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) will directly benefit exports from Kenya to the U.S. of cotton and textiles, natural pesticides and herbicides, plant products and high quality packaging materials, Yusuf Nzibo, the East African country’s ambassador to Colombia, Mexico and the U.S., told GlobalFax during an interview.

          Dr. Nzibo visited Atlanta March 21-23 to explore opportunities for increasing business between Georgia and his country. He said that already since Kenya’s accreditation under the act on Jan. 18 some $25 million worth of goods from textile and apparel manufacturers had been exported to the U.S.

          The act promoting trade with sub-Saharan countries had attracted the interest of British, Korean, Chinese, Sri Lankan, Thai, Pakistani and South African investors interested in targeting U.S. markets.

          He added that he felt cotton growing would benefit as would the entire cycle of ginning, spinning, weaving and garment production.

          A worldwide movement toward natural herbicides and pesticides would help the country’s pyrethrum sector. Honey, traditional medicines, spices and other plant products also had generated interest, he said.

          In addition, he foresaw investments in high quality materials for packaging to carry goods bound for the U.S.

          Dr. Nzibo is a member of several professional bodies including the Association of African Development Finance Institutions and the World Assembly of Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises.

          He said that through his participation in these organizations he was particularly aware of the need for his government to promote joint ventures and partnerships with representatives of Georgia companies.

          He also pointed to the opportunities for linking women’s groups in Kenya with similar groups here, particularly to promote folklore, handwoven and handmade goods.

          To find out more about Kenyan trade and investment policies, call Tom Amolo, political counselor at the Kenya embassy in Washington, at (202) 387-6101, ext. 17. His e-mail address is