Atlanta-based law firm Kilpatrick Stockton LLP has opened an office in Dubai, hoping to benefit from the region’s rapidly growing construction industry.

The Dubai office will “cater to the growing demand for specialized legal expertise” created by the engineering and construction boom, a company press release said. The Dubai office will serve clients trying to increase their business in the region. It will expand the firm’s reach not only in the United Arab Emirates but throughout the Persian Gulf region and into North Africa, according to the press releases.

“The level of current and planned engineering and construction activity in the Gulf is staggering,” said Bill Dorris, Kilpatrick Stockton co-managing partner. “Given this unprecedented construction activity, there is a growing demand for attorneys in the region with our construction industry experience to handle the volume of complex legal work being generated.”

Kilpatrick Stockton has more than 500 attorneys in nine offices including Atlanta, London and Stockholm, Sweden.