Ambassador Capital Corp., an Atlanta investment banking firm, has arranged for a $3 million private placement of equity capital to be invested in a Toronto-based computer software firm.

The Canadian firm, Longview Solutions Inc., specializes in the network-based financial reporting and consolidation software market. Its KHALIX products are used by more than 1,500 companies in North and Latin America, Europe and Australia.

Ambassador and Longview were introduced by Atlanta’s Canadian Consulate General during Comdex/Spring ‘95 in which Longview participated as an exhibitor.  Ambassador obtained the funding for the placement from the Edison Venture Fund, based in Lawrenceville, N.J.

“We are extremely pleased to be able to establish a U.S. beachhead with our new investment partners,” said Len Adams, president of Longview, adding that the company is considering Atlanta as a site for its U.S. headquarters.

Ambassador represents clients in the telecommunications, information technology, healthcare and financial services industries.  The company is a confidential advisor to senior management of small to medium-sized firms that wish to raise capital or sell their business, and to larger concerns wishing to embark on a growth-by-acquisition or investment program.  The firms principals are George M. Shea, president/CEO, and Howard M. Gibbs, senior vice president.

For more information, call Steve Flamm, commercial officer with the Canadian Consulate General, at (404) 577-6810, ext. 3358; fax, (404) 524-5046.