Thomas Salvaggio, the new director of the business ethics
program at Lockheed Martin Aeronautical Systems, will be responsible for
ensuring that an effective business ethics program is in place throughout all
Lockheed Martin companies. 

Lockheed has had some form of an ethics program since the
1970’s,  Mr. Salvaggio told GlobalFax in an interview on Dec. 6. “We try to
make ethics the No. 1 priority of the company, over and above profitability,
over and above mission success.”

Nevertheless, one of his responsibilities will be to make
sure that the  company complies with the terms of an agreement with the federal
government that resulted from Lockheed’s guilty plea to a charge of federal
corruption in January, 1994. Lockheed was charged with paying $1 million to an
Egyptian politician who used her influence to win a $79 million contract for
the company in 1989. 

Mr. Salvaggio, based in Marietta, will also be citizen
liaison to customers on ethics.  Lockheed has established an ethics helpline
for its 170,000 employees,  who will receive training in ethics awareness and a
copy of corporate guidelines for ethical conduct. 

The same guidelines are given to Lockheed’s vendors,
contractors, suppliers and agents.  “It tries to encompass every one of our
stakeholders,” he said.

For more information, call Doug Oliver of Lockheed at
(770) 494-6208.

by Briana Pehlman