Manhattan Associates Inc., an Atlanta-based provider of supply chain software, announced on May 3 that four Chinese companies launched its logistics programs including two logistics companies, a pharmaceutical company and a retail company.

These firms are among the many companies in China rapidly adopting technology to improve supply chain efficiency, said Arnold Consengco, managing director of the northern Asia division.

“The uptick in demand is coming from companies operating in the retail and logistics industries in particular, as companies seek ways to fulfill the growing consumer needs of an increasingly affluent population,” Mr. Consengco said in a news release.

The companies are Shenzhen Easttop Supply Chain Management Ltd, Sinopharm Group, Guangzhou Fengshen Logistics (FSL) and Better Life Commercial Chain Share Co Ltd (BuBuGao).

Manhattan Associates provides technology, software programs and management systems to help companies move products faster and more efficiently. It has offices in the U.S., U.K., France, Netherlands, Australia, China, Japan, India and Singapore.

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