Atlanta companies’ marketing schemes to minority communities here will affect their reputation and profitability abroad, especially in Latin America, said Roberto Fois, a panelist in a multicultural marketing seminar to be held at the Resource Forum in Buckhead on Wednesday, Oct. 16, 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

          The seminar, “Multi-Cultural Marketing for a Multi-Channel World,” will advise companies on how to target Hispanic and other minority markets and, consequently, help them to direct their international efforts, Dr. Fois told GlobalFax.

          “The kind of marketing companies do in Latin America affects the way Hispanics here think, and vice versa,” said Dr. Fois, vice president of strategic planning for Aragon Advertising Inc., a New York-based partner of the Atlanta seminar’s organizer, Adhibeo Multi-Cultural Marketing Inc.

          Dr. Fois explained that immigrants who move to the United States from Latin America are likely to retain their purchasing habits, brand awareness and perceptions of companies. Likewise, Hispanics here communicate their brand and company preferences to relatives in Latin America, he added.

          Dr. Fois cited the case of Alka-Seltzer cold medicine as an example of a U.S. product that is marketed heavily in Mexico and is also substantially more popular in Mexican communities in the U.S. than in mainstream America.

          Some 60% of U.S. Hispanics are foreign-born, and through travel and telecommunications, they tend to keep in touch with relatives and friends in their home countries, Dr. Fois added.

          “Immigration no longer severs family ties, nor does moving to the U.S. mean Latinos will adopt American tastes,” he said. “Companies must realize that their brand reputation spans borders and take advantage of this phenomenon.”

          Among the presenters scheduled at the seminar are Michelle Young, area vice president for Western Union Corp. in Atlanta, who will discuss regional demographic trends, and Anali Cabrera de Cline, Hispanic marketing manager for Coca-Cola Co.’s North American Brand Unit, who will present a case study on her company.

          Cost for the seminar is $50 before Oct. 1 and $75 thereafter. Register with Fabricio Lopez, director of Hispanic business development for Adhibeo, at (770) 663-8627 or