Following the success of artificial intelligence software provider Behavioral Recognition Systems Inc. in keeping an eye on all of Brazil’s 2014 World Cup operations, the Metropolitan Atlanta Transit Authority (MARTA) has announced it is adopting its security technology. 

MARTA’s Sgt. Aston Green said in a news release Aug. 28 that BRS Labs’ technology will improve MARTA’s ability to “more effectively monitor obscure areas for abnormal activities by directing security personnel with real time alerts, thus greatly reducing response times to incidents.”

MARTA is the latest mass transit agency to adopt BRS LABS AlSight technology to improve security and operational efficiency, which, according to the release, includes six of the nine largest mass transit agencies in the U.S.

The company is in the process of going public. It is headquartered in Houston and has offices in Washington; LondonSao Paulo, Brazil and Barcelona, Spain.