“Industry of tomorrow needs students who are sensitive to and cognizant of the international opportunities and requirements of technology and culture,” says Dr. Hans “Teddy” Puttgen, director of the Georgia Institute of Technology’s campus in Metz, France.

In view of the impending expansion of the campus when information technology management courses are to be offered there, Georgia Tech will be particularly well positioned to provide student exchange programs. This comes at a time when a premium is being placed on such multinational educational experiences.

The idea for the Metz campus was spawned during an economic development program initiated almost seven years ago between the state of Georgia and its French sister?state Lorraine.  Today the Georgia Tech?Lorraine campus operates in its own 50,000?foot facility and is one of Georgia Tech’s most exceptional academic/economic development ventures.

Since Georgia Tech?Lorraine is a French?chartered institute, organized under French non?profit statutes, it can participate in European Union (EU) research programs, and both students and faculty are participating in such research contracts.

Although only 40 students are currently studying on the campus, that number is expected to increase in 1995 through the expansion of undergraduate programs and graduate information technology management courses to be offered under a joint French?U.S. program.

 Students currently enrolled at Metz may receive a dual degree in conjunction with Supelec, a prestigious French electrical engineeering school.  And opportunities for such dual degrees may increase since the university is actively seeking new relationships.

Dr. Puttgen may be reached by calling (404) 894?2927.