The Mexican Center of Atlanta is looking for corporate sponsors for the organization’s events and wants to increase awareness of the center through more non-Spanish language publications, said center president Susana Mariá Chávez.

The non-profit organization, nearly a decade old, has about 270 members and focuses on promoting Mexico and its culture and meeting the needs of Mexicans living in the Southeast, said Ms. Chávez, who is also vice president of Parking Company of America.

With increasing numbers of Hispanics coming into the U.S., Ms. Chávez told GlobalFax that the center can play a role in making the transition easier for the existing and new U.S. residents by familiarizing Americans with Latin culture.

The Mexican Center annually presents a Day of the Dead celebration, an important Mexican holiday that will take place on October 28 and 29 this year. The celebration, which marks the day departed loved ones reunite in spirit with their families, features Mexican art, food and dancing.

An annual Day of the Latin-American Woman, a health fair where women can receive free medical tests, is also presented by the center and will be held on May 6. These events and others are in addition to regular educational and sports programs and health and business services.

For sponsorship and other information, call Pilar Acevas at (404) 264-1240 or send an e-mail to

The center’s Web site is located at