With the market for accessories to industrial conveyors saturated in the U.S., Conveyor Components has been seeking out new markets abroad and credits a catalog show sponsored by the Georgia Department of Industry, Trade and Tourism (GDITT) for recent sales in Israel.

      The privately owned Conveyor Components is headquartered in Crosswell, Mich., and has a manufacturing facility on Fulton Industrial Highway in Fulton County.

The company participated last year in a catalog show in Tel Aviv at which Sherwin Pomerantz, Georgia’s trade representative based in Israel, distributed a catalog featuring Conveyor Components products which are used in the mining, chemical, plastics and bulk-handling industries.

      Based on a lead generated by the catalog, the company signed a representative agreement in Israel, according to international sales manager Tom Cassidy, who said the company has annual sales of some $18 million.

      Mr. Cassidy told GlobalFax in a telephone interview from Crosswell that the catalog show was a natural extension of the company’s usual practice of advertising in industrial trade magazines, which have generated queries from representatives around the world.

He said that 30-year-old Conveyor Components has been exporting for about four years and representatives in South America are making the greatest headway these days with its products such as damaged belt detectors, belt cleaning machines, and safety stop switches.  He specifically mentioned Chile, Peru, Brazil and Venezuela.

      On the other hand, Europe has been particularly difficult to enter, he added, because of different technical standards and fierce competition.  But even without Europe, he is optimistic about the prospects for sales overseas, and cited the example of Khazakstan where he said a company representative has been successfully selling its products.

      Conveyor Components’ products are described on its web page at http://www.converyorcomponents.com  To reach, Mr. Cassidy, call (810) 679-4170; fax, (810) 679-4510.