A Montreal company is “beginning to fall in love with Atlanta,” having landed a $5 million contract to orchestrate all technical services for French broadcasters during the 1996 Olympics, said Jacquelin Bouchard, president of Productions Pixart, Inc.

Pixart will provide services for the largest broadcaster in France, TF-1, a private concern, as well as public stations France 2 and France 3, potentially reaching 60 million viewers.

Mr. Bouchard said that concerns about language, competitiveness in price and technical expertise led to the selection of Pixart over mainly U.S. competitors.

The company established a reputation for service during the 1994 Soccer World Cup in the U.S., which it produced for the French stations.

Television crews of more than 60 people will bring tons of equipment, five broadcast vans and set up three television studios in Atlanta for the games.

Mr. Bouchard said that Atlanta companies seeking television production services in Quebec City and Montreal should contact him at (514) 522-8811.