NanoLumens Inc. is using a Swedish firm to usher in its next phase of American manufacturing. 

NanoLumens, which makes flat, curved or round LED displays for malls, stadiums, train stations and more, will soon enter its fourth year working with PartnerTech Inc., a Swedish contract manufacturer with a factory in Lawrenceville

They’ll celebrate the anniversary with a new order of 22 giant indoor displays to be installed at a convention center in Cleveland

In a news release, both firms played up patriotic production as costs rise in Asia.

Karen Robinson, executive vice president of NanoLumens, has relayed to Global Atlanta the satisfaction of turning the tables by exporting American-made LED displays to China and Japan, traditionally major producers. 

PartnerTech Managing Director Gary Bruce said there are economic reasons for the supply-chain reversal.  

“The cost of shipping from overseas has risen greatly over the last several years. Productivity has declined in many countries in comparison to the United States while wages in those countries are rising,” he said in a release. “Manufacturers are able to provide better service to their customers with inventory control and delivery solutions that are available by manufacturing products in America that also will be sold in America.”

PartnerTech has 1,400 employees working in factories across Europe and in the U.S. and China. Many of NanoLumens’ components are sourced overseas, but they’re assembled in the U.S. 

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