Nepalese Association in Southeast America will hold its annual convention on Labor Day weekend, Sept. 4-6, at the Holiday Inn at 2265 Kingston Court in Marietta.

The event provides an opportunity for Nepalese living in the Southeast to network and socialize with other immigrants and for their children to learn about Nepalese culture and values, according to an announcement of the event.

Activities will include discussion forums, soccer and basketball tournaments, resume writing workshops and social events. Forums include a session on creating “unity for peace, security and prosperity,” which is the convention’s theme.

Registration includes a one-year membership in NASeA.

According to the organization’s president, Prakash Malla, the association promotes education in Nepal by funding a scholarship to an orphan student and pays the salary of an elementary teacher in Nepal.

In addition, NASeA is establishing a mentoring and career development program for high school and college-bound students, Dr. Malla stated on the organization’s Website. He said Nepalese professionals and entrepreneurs in the Southeast are lending their time and talents to the project.

NASeA also helps Nepalese students, as well as families new to the Southeast, with needs that arise due to relocation, he said.

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