As the new dean of Atlanta’s consular corps, Consul General Remedios Gomez Arnau of Mexico, hopes to raise the profile of Atlanta’s diplomatic community and to promote better communication and dialogue between the consular corps and public officials.

She told GlobalAtlanta in a recent interview that she will work to facilitate relationships between Georgia legislators and the 65 members of Atlanta’s diplomatic community, including consuls general, consuls, honorary consuls and trade commissioners.

“We hope to organize meetings with them,” she said, acknowledging efforts by Secretary of State Cathy Cox to increase awareness of the consular corps among state officials and departments.

Because of her seniority among diplomats here, Ms. Arnau became the consular corps dean in November when David Crook, Australia’s consul general and trade commissioner in Atlanta, completed his four-year assignment. Ms. Arnau has been here three years.

The emphasis the dean is placing on communication and education is consistent with her objectives as the Mexican consul general, which include informing the general public about issues pertaining to Mexican immigrants, as well as educating Mexicans on their legal rights and responsibilities, banking options and health care concerns.

“It is important to provide communication and dialogue, because people are fearful of change. That’s natural,” she said, speaking of the influx of Mexican immigrants to the Southeast over the last decade.

Ms. Arnau said her primary responsibilities as dean are to represent the consular corps at events and to organize the monthly consular meetings, which feature guest speakers on topics of interest to the diplomats.

Ms. Arnau can be contacted at (404) 266-2233 ext. 221 or at