Ahmed Tinubu, the governor of Lagos state in Nigeria, who has been compared to former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, will be in Atlanta Aug. 15-16 for a reunion of Eko Club International, an organization representing former residents of Lagos now living throughout North America.

          Mr. Tinubu was re-elected as governor of the state with a strong majority and was widely praised for the way that he managed to calm the city following an explosion at a military compound that resulted in the deaths of almost 1,000 people.

          “A comparison with Mayor Giuliani is appropriate because both men were so involved personally when their cities faced major crises,” B.C. A-muzie, a consul at the Nigerian Consulate General in Atlanta, told GlobalFax.

          Mr. Tinubu will lead a delegation that will be representing a wide variety of businesses including construction, environmental pollution control, healthcare, oil and gas, solid waste management and transportation management systems.

          Members of the delegation will speak on opportunities for investment and joint ventures at an economic session to be organized by the Nigerian Consulate General during its visit here.

          More than 500 Nigerians originally from Lagos state, which includes the city of Lagos, but who now live in Canada and the United States and belong to Eko Club International, are expected to come to Atlanta for an annual meeting that will coincide with the delegation’s visit.

          A separate delegation composed of members of the Nigerian American Chamber of Commerce of Lagos that is touring U.S. cities also is expected to participate in the reunion that will be held at the Hilton Atlanta Airport Hotel.

          In addition, Ndi Okereke-Onyuike, director general of the Nigerian Stock Exchange, is to attend the reunion in an effort to have its members invest in the exchange.

          For more information about the economic session and the festivities surrounding the reunion, call the consulate general at (770) 394-6261, ext. 225 or 227.