Atlanta’s German sister city is seeking applications for a biannual grant for writers that this year will focus on urban poverty issues. 

Nuremberg’s international relations department hosts journalists, artists, film professionals and writers from its “twin cities” all over the world for an in-depth exploration of topics relevant to the partner cities. Under the Hermann Kesten Scholar program, writers stay in Nuremberg for more than two weeks and receive a €500 stipend. 

The 2014 program is to focus on “street papers”, newspapers written by journalists to be sold by homeless people. The idea behind street papers is to inform the community while providing a new income stream for the underprivileged. 

In 2010, this Global Atlanta journalist was selected for a Hermann Kesten program focused on remembrance – how cities deal with their checkered pasts on issues like civil and human rights. The 2012 theme was art. 

The program runs from March 26-April 10, but applications are due Feb. 15. 

Hermann Kesten was a German Jew who was expelled from Nuremberg by the Nazi party, traveling first to Paris and later emigrating to America, where he became a citizen. He was an author, publisher and playwright, bridging cultures with his work around the world. 

To apply for the grant, contact Christina Plewinski at 

For more information, visit the Nuremberg international relations website at (in German).   

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