Vision Québec, a private company created in 1997 by some of the leading financial institutions in the province of Quebec and Bell Canada, is approaching Atlanta companies to set up call centers in Montreal and other Quebec cities.

“I will be visiting Atlanta monthly looking to speak to companies that are setting up or expanding a call center,” Annie Tam, regional director for states in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic regions, told GlobalFax during an interview in Atlanta. “I am particularly interested in speaking to companies that are finding it difficult to fill their current call center job openings. Quebec may offer a viable solution.”

Ms. Tam added that Quebec has a bilingual population and an unemployment rate of 9.3% with two-thirds of the unemployed having a high school diploma or better. “We are well situated to take on your call center overflow,” she said. 

She also cited studies completed by KPMG and the Boston-based Yankee Group showing significant cost advantages in Quebec. The KPMG study showed that operating costs for call centers in Quebec are on average 15-to-39% lower than in the United States. The Yankee Group found that communications costs were significantly lower in Montreal than Atlanta.

“The province of Quebec is very business friendly and the government offers very general incentive packages to new companies setting up in Quebec,” she said.

To learn more about the company, go to  Ms. Tam may be reached by calling (888) 288-1010 or send an e -mail to