Robinson provided this infographic about its incoming class.

Georgia State University’s business school saw graduate enrollment increase by 78 percent this fall, supplemented with significant diversity gains including students representing 45 countries.  

The incoming fall class at J. Mack Robinson College of Business has 862 students, up from 484 in 2019, amid a broader trend toward increased enrollment at public universities across the state despite worries that the coronavirus pandemic would dampen overall numbers.

A majority of Robinson College’s students are what it calls “underrepresented” minorities, with nearly 40 percent of the total being Black or African American, 7 percent Hispanic and 4.7 percent multiracial. About 15 percent are Asian and 33 percent white.  

Also more than half (55 percent) are women, who also make up more than half of the new enrollment in STEM-related majors.  

Robinson, the No. 8 business school in the U.S. by graduate enrollment, has 14 degree programs including 10 master of science programs where the college has concentrated on in-demand, quantitative fields, such as data science, information systems, actuarial science, quantitative risk analysis and many others.  

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