Jeff Lamb, chair of the Georgia District Export Council, with an OptiLedge part developed by IKEA to replace wood pallets in the supply chain.

Now that Jeff Lamb has overseen the consolidation of the North and South Georgia District Export Councils into a statewide organization, he’s ready for new challenges.

As chairman of the recently created Georgia Export District Council, he’s planning to promote “Export University” programs at state universities and colleges in an effort to expose undergraduate and graduate students to the possibilities of conducting business internationally.

Additionally, he plans to meet with small- to medium-sized companies around the state that have never considered tapping into international markets. He also wants to brainstorm about new ways of persuading local firms to look for opportunities abroad.

The District Export Councils are a nationwide network of businesspeople with international expertise that are closely affiliated with the U.S. Export Assistance Centers around the country and the U.S. Commercial Service.

“The District Export Councils are unique,” Mr. Lamb told Global Atlanta. “We are the only trade organization focused exclusively on exports. Also, every member has been appointed by the Secretary of Commerce so, while we are volunteers, we also have government appointments.”

The Obama administration has challenged the councils to boost the country’s exports, a goal Mr. Lamb fervently supports. “I’m a strong believer that U.S. companies can compete globally,” he said. “U.S. products are admired worldwide for quality and value. We want to remind Georgia companies that 95 percent of the world’s consumers are outside of the United States.”

Mr. Lamb is no stranger to logistics or international work. His career includes 10 years with the cargo airline Emery Worldwide followed by half a decade with the contract logistics provider Exel and then OptiLogistics Inc., an affiliate of the Swedish furniture retailer IKEA.

When IKEA invented the durable plastic OptiLedge to replace wood pallets as a means of improving its supply chain, Mr. Lamb was hired to join the marketing team to manage the change.

He moved from Houston to Atlanta to oversee implementation of the OptiLedge upgrade in Asia and Europe.

Based on this experience, he founded Unit Load Systems LLC in Newnan near Atlanta with the mission to provide the OptiLedge technology to Fortune 500 companies globally. Aside from the Newnan office, the company has offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Shenzhen, China, and distributors worldwide.

Besides his global sales and marketing background, his appointment in January 2012 as chair of the Georgia District Council is in keeping with his past activities as an adjunct professor in business schools and his participation in local district councils.

In an effort to duplicate the educational programs of the Houston District Export Council, he wants to start up the “export fellows” program for university and college students in Georgia so “they know how it is done and that it’s a possibility.”

Mr. Lamb may be reached by calling 770-253-8808 or by sending an email to