Globalfax and Atlanta-based International Insurance Advisors (IIA) will soon be providing country risk and project analyses for companies pursuing business in the world’s emerging markets.

Atlanta companies pursuing this business may find the greatest returns, but they also face the greatest risks, says Alan Saul, who opened ILA here to provide consulting and insurance brokering for local companies seeking protection while expanding their operations globally.

The sponsored reports will be disseminated by fax to Globalfax’s more than 6,000 recipients during non-business hours.  The first report will provide analysis of the investment risks faced in South Africa. Companies interested in sponsoring the reports are encouraged to call Globalfax at (404) 365-0892.

In more than 20 years of insurance experience in Atlanta, Mr. Saul has established relationships with global insurance providers and resources, including American International Group, London-based Bain Hogg and Lloyd’s broker, Berry Palmer Lyle. His firm’s primary focus will be in the area of “international investment insurance” which may be tailored to a variety of projects and may be applied in a country-specific manner, regionally or globally.

The underwriting for this insurance includes U.S. government sources, U.S. and foreign insurance companies and Lloyds.

For more information about international investment insurance, Mr. Saul may be reached by calling (404) 396-8656, fax (404) 396-9252.