Companies interested in the applications of satellite navigation and positioning are encouraged to attend, exhibit and/or sponsor the NavSat 2001 conference in Nice, France, Nov. 13-15.

          The event will specifically address GALILEO, the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) recently approved by the European Commission and scheduled to be operational in 2007.

          Any organizations that design, develop or supply products related to satellite navigation, as well as users of navigation and positioning technology, would benefit from the conference, according to Fatiha Coulombe, president of Phare Associates, the U.S. representative of the event.

Even financial institutions seeking investment opportunities in the satellite navigation industry are encouraged to attend, she said.

          The event will consist of five forums, including one-on-one business meetings between exhibitors and opportunities for exhibitors to meet with potential distributors or importers.

Other forums include a commercial exhibition of the latest industry products and services, a convention with presentations on satellite navigation applications and a competition open to all exhibitors for the most innovative products.

          Participating exhibitors’ products or services will be featured in a video that will run on a NavSat Web site for one year. Exhibitors will also be listed in the first edition of an international satellite navigation and positioning guide.

          The conference’s official partners include the European Commission, European Space Agency, Alcatel Space, French Ministry of Equipment & Transport, GNSS, and Galileo Industries.

Galileo Sistemas y Servicios, Telespazio, Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales, Thales, Institut Geographique National and ENAV s.p.a. are also official partners.

          Visit Request a registration package from Ms. Coulombe at (706) 882-0288, or fax (706) 882-9215.