Small- and medium-sized U.S. companies are invited to attend a breakfast seminar to learn how to sell electronically to Europe during an e-commerce regulations seminar, Friday, June 21, 7:30-10 a.m., at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Buckhead.

            E-commerce is becoming increasingly popular in Europe, yet regulations for selling electronically to the European market are vague, and many mid-sized U.S. companies do not know how to navigate the European e-commerce system, said Tom Harrold, partner in the Atlanta law offices of Miller & Martin LLP, who is organizing the seminar.

            “Europeans have generally been slower to enter the e-commerce world than Americans, but inquiries by primarily young consumers and entrepreneurs about buying and selling on the Internet have been increasing,” Mr. Harrold told GlobalFax. “U.S. companies will find a tremendous e-commerce consumer market in Europe that is virtually untapped by mid-sized companies.”

            The seminar is designed to teach attendees how to minimize their risk of entering the European e-commerce market, how to comply with existing European Union and individual country laws and how to collect and use customer information. It will also address signing legitimate electronic contracts and complying with value-added taxation on e-commerce in Europe.

            The participating attorneys from Britain, France, Germany and the Netherlands will present business opportunities available to small- and medium-sized U.S. companies in European e-commerce during private consultations following the seminar.

            Cost is $25. Register online at by Monday, June 17. Contact Mr. Harrold at (404) 962-6100.