SITA, the global air transport information and communications company with its North American headquarters in Atlanta, released on May 28 a survey of passenger satisfaction from booking to bag collection at airports around the world.

The respondents were asked to rate the intensity of four emotions — happiness, excitement, anger and anxiety — throughout the stages of their journey. 

These stages involved booking, check-in, bag tag, bag drop, security, passport, dwell time, boarding, on board and bag collection.

The SITA/ATW Passenger IT Trends Survey was conducted in 17 countries in the first months of 2015 and 5,871 respondents participated.

The survey concludes that “It is now clear that technology is helping make flying more enjoyable,” with 91 percent of the respondents experiencing positive emotions booking a flight using their own technology.

The proportion of passengers carrying smartphones grew to 83 percent this year, the highest percentage since the survey was begun in 2005. Last year 81 percent of respondents had smartphones.

Fifteen percent of the passengers surveyed travel with three mobile devices — mobile phone, tablet and laptop. These “connected travelers” are happiest when using their own devices throughout their journeys, according to the survey.

The survey also found that a smartphone app enabling travelers to book their own flights rather than use a travel agent or an airline office made “passengers the most happy.”

Other findings included: personal computers remain popular for booking flights, but are expected to become less so while the use of smartphones and tablets rises; the use of mobile apps for check-in is to rise and passengers are increasingly printing their own boarding passes or having them on their mobile phones.

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