Navigator Communications, located in a 19th century, two-story brick house in Norcross’ historic district, is linking small to medium-sized companies to the World Wide Web so that they can participate in the global economy without sending salespeople abroad.

The founders, including Laurent Delifer and Jerry Reitz, are former Digital Equipment Corp. employees who have retained close working relationships with Digital’s Internet Business Group.

Navigator wants small to medium-sized firms to join the hundreds of businesses which already have set up electronic stores on the Web using graphics and sound to attract customers.  “You need to create new channels of distribution that competitively expose your product to the world,” said Mr. Delifer. “The World Wide Web, with its audience, is a marketer’s dream.”

Navigator has installed Digital’s ‘AlphaServer systems’ enabling the company to offer direct access to the Web and to provide multimedia services globally. By setting up a “home page” on the Web, Navigator allows potential buyers to access promotional materials as well as leave queries or orders.

According to Mr. Reitz, Navigator will be installing in the near future software similar to that of MCI Communications, which announced on Monday, March 27, that it would enable shoppers to make credit-card purchases on the Internet with improved security.

While Navigator Communications is focusing on the U.S., the founders also have an off-shore company which is providing these services elsewhere.  In Geneva, they have provided a turnkey system to an industrial park where local merchants banded together to have access to the Web.

They also will be marketing their services in the developing world where they think that remote areas will benefit especially from the commercial and informational relationships that the Web offers.

Mr. Reitz said that Navigator will differentiate itself from other Internet providers because of the extensive international corporate experience of its founders.

For more information, call Mr. Reitz at (404) 447-4001; fax (404) 662-8666.