Idea Sports Entertainment Group Inc. announced last week that it would enter into a partnership with an Israeli technology company to distribute sports video filming and production technology internationally.

The Lake City, S.C.-based sports and entertainment marketing and management company recently entered into a partnership with a cultural exchange company in Beijing, as well as a consulting firm in Las Vegas that specializes in casinos and resort entertainment.

In addition, the company has announced that NASCAR champion driver Cale Yarborough is the new director of its motorsports division.

“You have to keep an eye out for what is new and different,” Robert C. Wussler, co-founder of CNN and a former president of CBS, told GlobalAtlanta in a telephone interview last week. Mr. Wussler, who lives in Atlanta, is a consultant to Idea Sports responsible for all of the group’s projects and is serving as the company’s vice chairman.

The equity partnership with SporTVu Ltd., the Israeli company, was founded by Michael Tamir, a physicist, with private investors and the Israeli government.

Mr. Wussler said that SporTVu’s technology was of particular interest to Idea Sports because of its sports production, instant replay and training film applications.

He also said that Idea Sports would seek out opportunities to promote its partners’ capabilities in global markets. For instance, he said that Idea Sports partnership with Lin Liu International Cultural Exchange Co. Ltd. in Beijing might have an interest in promoting SporTVu’s technology in China.

“China is a country three to four times the size of the U.S. and it has an interest in the same things that we do, such as motion pictures, TV, radio, entertainment and automobiles and other hardware and software,” he said.

In addition, he said that he was aware of extensive gambling operations in Macau and Hong Kong and would like to see Idea Sport’s acquisition of Las Vegas-based Strategic Gaming Consultants LLC, lead to opportunities for consulting work in China.

He also said in view of China’s interest in automobiles, Mr. Yarborough’s addition as a director of the company’s motorsports division should also lead to the development of opportunities in China.

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