While the primary focus of a recent trade delegation toArgentina was to promote Atlanta’s bid for the Free Trade Area of the Americas secretariat, Georgia officials on Delta Air Line Inc.’s inaugural non-stop flight to Buenos Aires on Dec. 1 also discovered opportunities for increased trade with Georgia and business at the Atlanta airport.

According to Robert Kennedy, director of marketing, public relations and intergovernmental affairs at Hartsfied-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, who participated in the mission led by Georgia Department of Economic Development Commissioner Craig Lesser, Atlanta’s position as a transportation hub increases the prospects for international trade with new destinations.

“When we talk about the impact of new routes, it’s not just Atlanta and a foreign destination; it’s global,” Mr. Kennedy said.

As an example, he said Argentina’s blueberries could be flown to Atlanta and then on to Japan, where producers would obtain a high price for the berries.

Also, Argentina’s exports of leather could be distributed through Atlanta to manufacturers in North Carolina, Texas and Tennessee for the production of car seats, he said.

But the primary goal of the mission was also furthered by the delegation, he said.

“The direct linkage to Argentina helps Latin American countries support our efforts to become the headquarters for the FTAA,” said Mr. Kennedy.

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