Representatives of Georgia companies interested in partnering with European and other international firms in a variety of industries are invited to attend a seminar to be held Wednesday, May 21, at the offices of the Georgia Department of Industry, Trade and Tourism (GDITT), 285 Peachtree Center Ave., Suite 1100.

      The event is sponsored by GDITT and the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) for companies in the medical, automotive, food processing, chemical, plastics, machinery and equipment, packaging equipment, electronics, agribusiness, cutlery and kitchenware, wood and wood products, textiles, information technology, communications and tourism industries.

      The organizers of the Europartenariat France Massif-Central, one of the largest international business matchmakers in Europe, to take place in France, Oct. 16-21, will provide an overview of the upcoming program in the morning.  Individual company meetings with the officials can be arranged in the afternoon.

      Europartenariat is an international, matchmaker held every six months in a different European region since it was initiated in 1987 and is sponsored by the European Union.  GDITT and ARC, a federal commission comprised of 13 member states, work together to support both market entry and trade promotion programs designed to enhance the globalization of the region’s economy.

      The program offers a cost-effective way for small companies to find overseas business partners, agents, distributors, sub-contractors and suppliers through pre-arranged, guaranteed meetings.

      Europartenariat France will attract more than 400 pre-selected French firms and 3,000 companies from more than 70 countries worldwide.

      According to the GDITT, 44% of the meetings resulted in what participating U.S. firms considered “real opportunities” leading to signed contracts at two previous Europartenariat meetings held in Sweden and Italy last year.

      For more information, call Diane Alleva Caceres, project manager, at (404) 657-7964; fax, (404) 651-6505.