Trade officials from Georgia Department of Economic Development will travel to China, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Taiwan Sept. 13-24, to represent 10 Georgia companies by showcasing their product catalogues, said Andrea Feuermann, an international trade specialist for the state.

Organized by the U.S. Department of Commerce in conjunction with the embassies of the countries to be visited, the International Catalog Exhibit provides opportunities for participating companies to generate sales leads and to attract potential marketing representatives, said Ms. Feuermann.

“Catalog shows are the most cost-effective way for small- to medium-sized companies to test a new market and identify representatives,” she said.

A summary of prospective marketing agents will be prepared for each company, but it is up to the individual companies to interview candidates, Ms. Feuermann said.

According to Ms. Feuermann, one-on-one meetings are scheduled with the companies prior to the exhibit in order to determine each company’s needs and to better understand their product lines.

Of the companies participating, five are in manufacturing, three in technology, and two are service providers, she said.

Ms. Feuermann said representation is evenly split between companies based in metro Atlanta and other parts of the state, including Gainesville and Thomasville.

Companies interested in participating in a catalog show in South America in the spring of 2005 are encouraged to contact Ms. Feuermann at (404) 962-4119 or