A college textbook on international business co-authored by Georgia State University professor Tamer Cavusgil has been translated into Chinese.

The book, titled “International Business: Strategy, Management and the New Realities” was published in 2008 by Prentice Hall Inc. and is already used in the United States, South Korea, Australia and other countries. The Chinese translation opens it up to a much broader audience. 

“I haven’t seen numbers but I suspect sales in China will be in the tens of thousands,” Dr. Cavusgil told GlobalAtlanta. “We’re excited about broadening the access of the book to a larger audience.”

The book covers topics such as emerging markets, brand loyalty and intellectual property rights, which are relevant to business students in China who will be working in a connected global economy, said Dr. Cavusgil. “The way we are teaching business here is the way they want to teach it there,” he said.

Although China has a communist government, the country’s embrace of Western-style capitalism has led to a surge in college business majors, Dr. Cavusgil added.”The business schools are thriving in China,” he said.

Dr. Cavusgil has been on the faculty of Georgia State’s J. Mack Robinson College of Business since 2008. He was previously at Michigan State University where he founded the Center for International Business Education and Research in 1989. He has authored more than two dozen books.

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