The Colombian American Chamber of Commerce’s president, Alfredo Prada, has launched a trade center and incubator  in Roswell to assist Colombian businesses to export here or establish a presence in the southeast U.S.

“More Colombian businesses are coming here because of the difficult political and socioeconomic situation in Colombia and because of the commercial and financial development of Atlanta,” Mr. Prada told GlobalFax in an interview at the trade center.

Mr. Prada’s private company, the International Trade Center of Georgia (ITCG), can assist U.S. companies to start outsourcing ventures in Colombia by providing contacts and information on Colombian labor markets.

It helps Colombian entrepreneurs export to Georgia through distributors, wholesalers and brokers here. It also provides legal services for customs requirements, visas, licenses, transport, translation and other functions.

Mr. Prada said that not only can ITCG guarantee “door-to-door service for Colombian companies to meet partners here, but we can guarantee the quality of the products imported here from Colombia.”

ITCG monitors Colombian importers’ adherence to legal regulations and anti-drug controls, and it contracts with brokers in Atlanta and Miami that can sell and distribute the products.

“We also have contacts with the perishables facilities at Hartsfield International Airport. So, we’ve obtained all the necessary platforms to facilitate successful businesses here,” Mr. Prada said.

There are currently eight available offices in ITCG’s headquarters, equipped with facilities for trade exhibitions, promotional events and commercial missions, as well as secretarial and office support for small Colombian businesses.

ITCG is already talking with two Colombian exporters that want to use the office space for a distribution center.

ITCG will eventually expand its trade assistance services to include Costa Rica, Panama and Venezuela, because of Mr. Prada’s business experience in those countries.

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