Joseph Kramer, an international trade specialist at the U.S. Export Assistance Center in Atlanta, is to assume the position of director of the center’s Savannah office on Monday, Nov. 15. He will be replacing Sandra Edwards, who is returning to the Export Assistance Center in west Los Angeles.

Originally from Lebanon, Mrs. Edwards came to Savannah in June 2003 from the center in Los Angeles to which she is returning.

“Savannah is a vibrant and growing city,” she said. “And it is globally aware.”

She added that in contrast to the Los Angeles center where she worked primarily with service companies seeking to do business in Asia, in Savannah she has dealt more with manufacturing companies seeking to export to Latin America.

While in Savannah, Mrs. Edwards has been involved in the U.S. Commerce Department’s efforts to promote reconstruction efforts in Iraq. She said that she would be available to provide advice to representatives of Georgia companies interested in participating in the reconstruction effort.

Mr. Kramer said that his responsibilities to promote exports would extend throughout the lower third of Georgia. He also will seek to maintain relations with congressional offices, chambers of commerce and trade related organizations in the area.

Before joining the Commerce Department, Mr. Kramer worked for American Express Co. in Sydney and for Citigroup in Singapore. He started working at the U.S. Export Assistance Center in Atlanta in February 2003.

Mr. Kramer may be reached by calling (404) 657-1953 or sending an email to Mrs. Edwards may be reached by calling (912) 652-4204 or sending an email to