A trip to China for North American businesspeople interested in starting a trade relationship with the country is being offered by PBB Global Logistics, an Ontario-based fully integrated logistics company with 70 offices in Canada and the U.S., including one in Atlanta.

PBB has been working in China for 10 years and will be using its experience with the country to help any businesses to break into the market, said John Ferguson, marketing director at PBB. 

Bilateral trade agreements signed with China at the World Trade Organization meeting earlier this month have opened major opportunities for North American companies, according to Mr. Ferguson. The trip is aimed at PBB’s customers and potential customers.

“Although there are certain industries that China is badly in need of, such as energy, telecommunications and agriculture,” he said, “this will be a multi-sectored trip and anyone is welcome to come.”

      During March 9-25 representatives from PBB, working with Chinese foreign investment officials, will introduce members of the delegation to potential business partners as well as key government officials and business leaders.

Stops are planned for Beijing, Hong Kong, Jiangmen, Nanning, Shanghai and Xiamen.

      An initial planning meeting is scheduled for Jan. 19 in Mississauga, Ontario, for potential participants to learn more about opportunities in China.

      For more information, call Mr. Ferguson at 1-800-924-4466 or call PBB’s Atlanta office at (404) 763-4327. You may visit PBB’s Web site at http://www.pbb.com