Two Atlanta-based consulting companies are teaming up to provide partnership and advisory services to U.S. and European developers interested in investing in Chinese real estate and infrastructure projects.

      Greater China Gateways Inc. (GCG), a network of investors and professionals, and Dale Henson Associates Inc. (DH), a real estate development consultancy, announced the partnership last week.

      Steve Jiang, a GCG associate, and Dale Henson, DH’s president and leading consultant, have been in China the past week and return to Atlanta on Tuesday, Oct. 28.

      During their visit, they met with officials from the Shanghai Municipal Housing Development Bureau, the Foreign Economy and Trade Commission, the Land and Urban Planning Bureau and the Hebei Province Bada Development Zone Administration.

      For more information, call Dr. Jiang or Dex Shi at (770) 518-0748, fax, (770) 518-4236, or  Dale Henson may be reached at (404) 352-4547, or fax, (404) 352-3962.  DH’s web site may be found at