A delegation of economic development officials and representatives of small- to medium-sized companies from Manchester, England, visited Atlanta last week to kindle further ties with local counterparts.

      Elizabeth Jeffreys, chief executive of the public-private partnership Marketing Manchester, told GlobalFax that she would like to see a delegation of small- to medium-sized firms from Atlanta visit Manchester and northwest England in the not too distant future.

      A strategic alliance was signed between officials of the Manchester Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Metro Atlanta chamber 18 months ago.

      While Manchester has been historically known as a manufacturing center with a heavy emphasis on textiles, the city and its surrounding area has recently undergone a massive effort to become more appealing to international investment and tourism by enhancing its sports and convention facilities and highlighting its cultural activities.

      “By the year 2005 we intend to make Greater Manchester a quality player on the world stage,” Mrs. Jeffreys said, “a European capital that relies on investment and not regional aid, and an attractive city region that provides a good quality of life for residents and visitors alike.”

      Marketing Manchester is a public-private partnership, which according to Mrs. Jeffreys, provides “an integrated and coordinated” global communications strategy.  She said that the city and surrounding region developed the partnership based on what local officials learned in their failed bid for the 1996 Summer Olympics and their successful bid for the 2002 Commonwealth Games.

      Mrs. Jeffreys may be reached by calling 44 (0) 161 237 1010, fax, 44 (0) 161 228 2960.  Her e-mail address is mm@marketing-manchester.c.uk