An online trade map released by the United Kingdom provides a new way to visualize the impact of the country’s trade and investment relationships with Georgia and other U.S. states. 

Georgia exported $988 million in goods to the U.K. in 2011, the map shows, with transportation equipment emerging as the top export category, accounting for 25.8 percent of the total. In per capita terms, U.K. trade was valued at $129.60 for every Georgian. 

The map also shows that British investment supports 25,300 jobs in Georgia. 

On the national map, hovering over each state reveals tidbits specific to that state, like the fact that Georgia was named after King George when he granted the right for it to become a colony in 1732, that Atlanta has sister city ties Newcastle-upon-Tyne or that more than 100 Georgia companies have operations in the United Kingdom. 

To see the the national trade summary, visit Click Georgia or another state for more details. 

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