Gordon Giffin, a native of Atlanta and the U.S. ambassador to Canada, declined last week to forecast the results of the election to be held in the province of QuŽbŽc Monday, Nov. 30, during a luncheon held at the World Trade Center downtown.

      I don’t really want to get into any speculation about how the election will turn out, he said at the gathering sponsored by the Georgia Committee of International Visitors. I don’t know if I could have speculated about how the Georgia (gubernatorial) election would turn out accurately 10 days before that election, so it wouldn’t be prudent for me to speculate.

      He did add, however, that he would not expect the outcome of the election would materially affect the level of trade that we now have ongoing.  Three political parties involved including the Parti QuŽbŽcois, which favors QuŽbŽc’s separation from the rest of Canada.

      Mr. Giffin underlined the extent of trade between Georgia and Canada.  Georgia exports almost as much to Canada as the entire U.S. does to Russia, he said.  He also said that the U.S.’s merchandise trade with QuŽbŽc exceeds that of the U.S. with Italy and France.