The U.S. Export Assistance Center (USEAC) has recently hired Mark Russell as a trade specialist focused on service industries.

This is a new position created to meet the demands of service businesses, Sam Troy, director of commercial service for the Commerce Department at USEAC told GlobalFax.

“Traditionally the Department of Commerce has had a hard time with service companies,” Mr. Troy said. “Sales of tangible products are easier to assist than things like sales over the Internet. You have to look at service sales in a totally different way.”

Mr. Russell’s previous experience includes a job with a consulting firm where he researched acquisitions and foreign sales for the Department of Defense. He also conducted economic research in Russia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East while employed at the department itself.    

His first project will be to set up partnerships and alliances between architectural and engineering companies here with firms overseas.

Mark Russell may be contacted at (404) 657-1954.